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You were still clutching the stick in your hand too, and you don’t recall losing it, but you do feel it slip from your fingers. Your mind races and repeats what you encountered, not able to get that sick and twisted grin out of your head. Not fighting sleep, you let it take over and give some relief. A relief that wasn’t so easy.

Your surroundings were dark again, and vaguely there is a dim light, you’re drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It was the only thing you had to go on, as you approached, you hear a crack under your feet. Staying still, your thoughts reel at what it meant, but keep going. The cracking continues, what follows is the sound of water just underneath; in light plips as the ground behind you fell away. Speeding up your walk towards this light; the ground starts shaking and crumbling faster, fissures in the ground course under your feet and threaten to give out if you dare keep your weight on it.

Just behind you is that maniacal laughter, it’s loud in your ears, deeper and more distorted in the vast area. Looking over your shoulder, you see it, with gnashing teeth and bearing down on you, chasing after as a predator with a wounded prey. Your feet pick up with the looming threat above you, your so busy that you don’t see the vine coming up to stumble you. When your body collides into the path, you fall through it and into what feels like a sludge substance, inky and black. Your head pokes above the liquid substance and lets out a scream, hands clawing back at the path to reach it, to get back onto it, a glimmer of hope just hanging off the edge as a thread or vine. You reach that, only to have a large red eye peer down at you.

“Were you hoping for something?” Shock on your face, before you feel yourself sinking into the mire. The glow of those eyes gleaming, you could even feel yourself shaking in the grasp of the tendrils around you. “You’ll stay with me~ Forever, remember that!” Your head echoes those words, and when you cry out for some sort of help. A sickening chiding voice the one that has been bothering you since you heard it.

“But nobody came.” Another scream comes from you, and this time you wake up out of your nightmare, once again greeted to darkness. Tangled in bedsheets, and blankets, a very worried and frantic voice over you.

“Wake up! It’s just a bad dream! Come on, wake up!” Gentle shaking on your shoulder, firm yet gentle rousing you from your shock. Taking deep breaths, you start to calm down, eyes still trying to adjust or focus, only to realize that it wasn’t a dream, that you were indeed blind. The hand that was gently shaking your shoulder moves to collect you and hold you close, to what you feel is a woman, but with fur, and a unique smell to her. Something of cinnamon, and earthy almost a dirt, but unique to her.

Quiet murmuring in your ear to calm you further, the hand on your back rubbing it in her attempt to sooth you, as a child. You were far from a child, body developed in a rather nice young woman, a little more curved than your friends, but it is you. The being that holds you finally pulls back when she is certain you have calmed down.

You feel a sensation of being untangled from the sheets and blankets. “How on earth did you get tangled like this?” Her voice seems a little perplexed with unwinding the blanket from around your arms and legs, the sheets from your torso and neck. You feel free and breathe a sigh of relief. It was just a dream.

“I am Toriel, caretaker of the ruins here in the underground. I’m sorry if you were scared.” Her voice falters, sad-like. You could tell she felt guilty, if she had gotten there sooner, you may have not been hurt. You feel blind for an arm, and Toriel gives you the hand, curious to see what you will do. You bring it to your face and rub it against the hand.

“O-oh my, what are you doing?” Surprise in her voice, but you felt compelled to do this, and the fur felt really soft, like some plush mink, like the blankets you had at home.

“So soft.” Perhaps you were still coming out of shock yourself, but the feel of the fur against your face lets you calm down more. You’re allowed to continue till Toriel decides it is just a tad bit awkward for her.

“I think, that is enough, such an odd human you are, but if that helped you calm down. Then I am glad to be of help.” There is a happy tone to her voice, but it soon turns a little more serious as she helps you up from the floor and sets you on the bed to assess you, as well as determine something.

“Can you see my hand?” She questions, you can feel the motion of her hand in front of your face along with the heat from it. Shaking your head.

“No. I can’t see it…” You respond and down cast your head.

Toriel frowns, and then tries her magic. “Can you see this?” There is light and that sensation in your chest from earlier is back; only this time you didn’t feel afraid, more felt warm inside. Your eyes adjust and now you could make out the features of Toriel. You nod your head as a response, she keeps the magic going for now so you can see her. She reminded you of a goat almost, face wise, but the rest is more humanoid, she was tall too, she is sitting down in front of you to be at eye level.

“This is very strange.” Toriel presses a hand to her face and tilts her head to think. This was something out of her expertise to heal. “I tried healing you when you came in, I thought my power might have fixed why you couldn’t see. It appears I was wrong.” Her reddish eyes downcast in her failure to help someone.

You were about to say something, when she shakes her head then looks back up to your face. “I’m sure we can figure something out for you. At least get you use to your bearings, and use to things.” Toriel offers to help you get use to blind life, she dims the magic unable to provide an answer for you, about your state.

“Are you hungry? I made a pie while you were asleep.” The cinnamon smell made sense, and the hint of butterscotch. Your response to the question was made for you from your stomach growling. It had been hours since you last ate something, that morning before the climb was made. You cover your face in embarrassment at it being heard, and a light-hearted laugh comes from Toriel.

“Well, I think that answers my question. Come now, I’ll help you around the house.” She takes one of your hands and helps guide you out of the room, towards where the smell of food was stronger. You are led by the hand by Toriel; till you were seated in a chair, fidgeting and nervous since your arrival.

Not being able to see made things hard, and using the edges of your fingers, you feel around the surface of a table, smooth hard wood with a drape in the center. Your hand brushes against the cold glass of a flower pot. You pull your hand back when Toriel’s foot falls can be heard close, and something placed in front of you. A fork is tapped to your hand and you take it, you’re assisted in learning where the plate is, and not to eat it with the other end of the fork when you try to.

As you eat your share, you feel a sense of warmth again in your chest, and you couldn’t help tears as they fall. It is overwhelming to go from being on death’s door, to being treated with such kindness from an entire stranger. Not able to hold back the light sobs, you raise your head and give Toriel a great smile before she can ask what was wrong. “This is great Toriel.” You remember something. “My name is Y/N.”

You couldn’t see her return smile, but you do feel a tissue wiped on your face for tears. “That’s a beautiful name, Y/N.”
Blind Heart chapter 2
My blind!Reader story I've been working on. I hope alot of you like what I am bringing in.

I am excited writing this one. 

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Falling was all you remember; even the last sight to your eyes was the sunlight fading away as you slipped through a barrier. It felt slow and your eyes take in the surroundings while you fall, gems dotting the top of where you fell in from like stars, then suddenly. Darkness when your body came in contact with the ground below you. The scene repeats in your head, what you remember was climbing Mt. Ebott with a group of friends for your twenty-second birthday, then getting separated from them, and now you had fallen through the barrier.

Your mind is reeling with thoughts as you lie on something soft, but your mind is already full of adjusting what just happened. Opening your eyes all you see is still darkness; you close them again to see if they’re just adjusting. You lay there to assess your body, moving hands, feet, your arms, and turning your head to make sure you didn’t break anything. When you were certain that your body was fine, is when you lift a hand to your head.

Your head hurt and you guessed you hit it when you connected with the ground. Your other hand goes down to touch what you fell onto, it feels like flowers fingers delicately tracing the edges of a stem to the petals to confirm this. Sitting up you open your eyes again thinking all you had to do was rest them. Still darkness; fear sets in as your hands go up to your face to feel for any damages. There was nothing protruding from what you could feel, so your guess was your senses got knocked a little too much.

Feeling around for anything, it was hard while your head just pounded in retaliation for moving. Under your fingers across the flowers you can make out what feels like dust, your hand inches away from it. You keep feeling for something then your hand comes in contact with wood, a stick. Picking it up, it was long enough to use as a walking stick, and this excited you a little, it meant that you didn’t have to go around without something to either defend you or “see.”

There was no sense staying where you were, and with a reluctance you stand up putting your weight on your body then test out the stick. Tapping it on the ground like you have seen the blind man use in shows, you use it to gauge your distance, your bare feet against the flower bed, and take a few steps. Your feet come in contact with stone, it was cold and almost damp. This continues for a little while till the stick comes in contact with a wall and you are instantly against it as a guide. Hand braced against the stone surface, you keep moving till there is a gap.

Rounding what feels like a threshold you keep walking along the corner edges avoiding the centers since there is no way to know what is there, and you were not feeling up to the challenge when you can’t see. Halfway through the room is when you feel an odd sensation, a sensation of dread itself. A bloodlust seems to hang in the air, and you swallow the lump in your throat. You wait till the sensation leaves or you feel brave enough to keep going. Taking another step is when you hear it, it came in this double echo tone, and it chilled you.

“Howdy~ What are you doing over there? You should come closer, so I can introduce myself better.” The tone is cheerful, playful maybe a hint chiding, it wasn’t a request from the tone it used. Using the stick to guide you, you walk closer to the source of the talking, sweeping the stick close to them and hearing.

“Hey, watch where you are swinging that thing! You almost hit me!” You could feel eyes bearing down on you, and stopped where you were. A dizzying sensation started while you stand there. When it was sure it had your attention, it speaks again.

“Now that you’re here, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Flowey, Flowey the Flower.” What this thing say was true, it’s a flower? You couldn’t hold back laughing, you were scared over a flower. Maybe you hit your head harder than you thought. This doesn’t go unnoticed; the tone and pitch changes to something borderlined demonic.

“STOP LAUGHING!” You felt your heart flutter and something resonate to you, out of darkness you see it, did your vision come back? You glance around to see your surroundings, it was pure dark, and what was in front of you was a flower.

“Now that I have your attention… You’re new around here aren’tcha?” The eyebrow of one eye raises and a smug look on the flower’s face told you this was real. How you were even seeing was a question, but when it spoke again you feel the color draining from your face. Nodding in response to the question.

“Well lucky you, I’m going to show you how things are done around here.” A sensation in your chest starts up again, then you see in front of you a floating heart, almost a dark blueish purple color. This was odd for you and you shrink back till the wall is behind you.  You then find yourself unable to move, was this it? Were you going to die here?

“Why are you running away? It’s a little rude to walk away from someone being nice to explain something.” There is a scowl on Flowey’s face, and it changes expressions to a pleasant smile. “Anyway, around here in the Underground we rely on this thing called LV, or LOVE, it helps you stay strong here. How to get LOVE is through EXP, but, it looks like you might not need this explanation.” A twisted grin appears.

“So sad, that you injured yourself in the fall, kind of makes explaining this pointless.” Flowey knew something you didn’t, and while your eyes were on them, you couldn’t help the curious expression appearing.

“Ohhh, you don’t even know, do you? It makes not telling you even better. I’ll let you, to yourself.” Still confused, you didn’t know what the flower meant till darkness once again took over your vision. Blinking you close your eyes, only to open them thinking it was a trick, still darkness. The weight of the situation sticks as realization suddenly sets in.

When it washed over your face, is when Flowey speaks up again. “Do you get it? If not, let me enlighten you.” There is a sadistic laugh, as color drains from your face. The thought coming as quick as their voice does.

“Y o u  a r e  b l i n d!” More laughter follows, the blood rush from your head again makes you sway on your feet, and you feel the ground underneath your body again.

“Don’t worry! At least you have me here to keep you company~ F O R E V E R!” The laughter picks up until there was a shocked squeak from Flowey, a gleam of light itself you can make out. Then nothing again.

“Such a pest, honestly someone should do something about it.” An irritated hiss in the voice, sounded female, and gentle despite the anger in her tone.

“Oh dear!” A soft voice can be heard a lot closer, and a hand covers your head; assessing your head for injuries. You feel fur and lift your head into the softness you feel. “Are you hurt?” You would have answered if it weren’t for the sudden exhaustion washing over you, even as a hand grabs for the one on your head.  

What you do manage out, is a small response to her question when it registered. “Can’t… see…” Then as if the darkness could get darker, it did as you lose consciousness. You do recall a sensation of being lifted up, and quick murmuring of “Hold on, I’ll get you somewhere safe.”

That was all that was left, as the rest of you slipped into sleep.
Blind Heart
So I am starting a long versed fanfic for the Undertale fandom. All chapters will be counted as Mature because yeah. Things will happen. Trying my hand at slow burn stories too. So romancing a skelly.

I hope people like this.
Undertale Sans is owned by TobyFox.
The story belongs to me.
A Festive Snooze By Homunculuslover - colored by Invidia1988
A Festive Snooze By Homunculuslover - colored
The lines were provided by the wonderful :iconhomunculuslover: And I provided color to him.
My first addition to the Undertale fandom, and I hope everyone enjoys this. I had alot of fun adding color. 

Lines from :iconhomunculuslover:
Color from myself.
Sans from Undertale - Tobyfox.
So it has actually been a while since I posted anything new on myself. 

Alot has happened since April.. and I wish it was good news. Besides the one good thing which was moving out of that place I was sharing with my now very estranged mother. There are things that were done that I'll never forgive her on. I can't talk too much on them since I have court proceedings still going on right now. But when "family" uses something really delicate to lie and get back at you for petty BS.. it hurts alot. 

It really pains me to say it but she is pretty much dead to me like my "father" is. I can really careless if either of them kill over anymore. 

Hopefully my things improve. I have been struggling alot to stay positive and more so trying to stay happy. Like it has been a huge struggle to stay positive. Unfortunately I can't seek mental health either without the potential of my problems interfering with getting my child back. 

Just alot of bullshit things happened.. things to make you really harden your heart against family. My name was slandered too. And I've pretty much been alienated from my family.

It's also the anniversary of my grandmother's death today so been in better moods. This whole year sucked. 
  • Mood: Optimism


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I have original stories and the occasional fanfiction of a series. Currently writing in the Bleach fandom and my own original stuff.

I do not give permission easy to people for my written works or characters used. So unless I'm free-writing something you'll have to catch me on those moments.

Anything concerning my original story, my original characters, or drabbles be it short or a few chapters is completely off limits. I'll give permission when I grant it to select people. But do not continually ask me if you can use my characters, story, or things I come up with without first consulting me. I'm strict with my rules there and bug me enough times I will ban.

In other words. No permission granted. Steal you regret it.

I need points x.x anyone generous enough to donate?…

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