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Something sinister Devilish Lineart  Dark by Celsa by Invidia1988
Something sinister Devilish Lineart Dark by Celsa
So I am doing the thing no one does and going through old things and recoloring them since I've improved quite a bit since the last time I touched this. I am not sure if this goes into mature, for blood. I hope not there isn't anything big and graphic.

Mature Content

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The sensation of waking up came to you, but you also felt really warm. Your mind is fuzzy from sleep, and blinking your eyes, you start to wake up. What you see is darkness followed with a sound of something crinkling in the distance, perhaps paper, what also sounds like glass and silverware clinking together.


Turning over onto your side, you ignore the sounds in search of warmth; the thought of where you are doesn’t cross your mind, as you find what you are looking for. A body next to you, a slightly warmer one, but the feel of bones also comes to mind as you seek this form out. There is a hand around your waist looped lazily as if just resting there, only to tighten and bring you closer to the form.


You rouse more from this sensation, the soft snoring draws you out of your sleep. You still see darkness, and remembering the previous night sends your face redder than you feel it. Did you dream what happened? As your body starts remembering; there is a defined ache between your thighs, and you feel sore in places you weren’t aware of. Shifting a leg you start feeling the telltale signs of your night, but you blink again wondering if the place you are in is dark, or if you really cannot see still.


Bringing a hand to your neck, you feel for the necklace and touch the edges of it, and a burst of light comes up for you. Reddish in tone but you could see well, you see Sans in front of you, more like his chest. He has an arm strewn over his own chest towards the edge of his shirt. Tugged up enough so the phalanges are pressed on his ribs, like someone who is sleeping with their shirt up.


Sans’ arm is wound around you, but you see he is not wearing his coat; and looking down it is you wearing it. It’s being so close to Sans, that you realize how much smaller your form is, compared to his. You bite your bottom lip as you get curious to the sleeping skeleton, and run your hands carefully on the top of his hand over his ribs. Splaying your hand out of the top, sizing them up and remembering that those fingers had been inside of you. The thought is pushed down, as you trace fingers over the top, feeling the smooth of bone to the ridged edge of the segments meet.


The arm wound around you tightens for a moment as you continue to look at Sans’ hand. You feel the tighten then release; Sans starts to shift his arm out from underneath you, and turn away. The size of him along with the motion of turning; you roll off the bed and land on the floor with a subtle thump and squeak at being pushed off.


Still wearing only the coat, you realize you slept like this, bare underneath and no doubt for him to see all of you if you had turned. Tugging the hem bottom of the jacket down over your thighs, you feel more self-cautious than before. Realizing you are in a room, from the temperature in the place you’re back at the skeleton brother’s home. The floor really cold under your rear, and you move to get back onto the bed you were on with Sans.


Sitting with your back to Sans’ you try to look around in the dark room, the necklace providing a good view, no more than a flashlight at dim power. You do see a bit, from a treadmill in the center, the sound of it whirring with the power running. You cautiously nod your head, confusion easily on your face from it being there. Turning your head you follow the direction of light to a corner of the room, the crinkling, and clinking making sense.


You see papers floating in the air, rotating as if stuck in a whirl wind; along is a plate of what you think is spaghetti and a fork clattering against the plate. This has you bewildered, how the hell is that there, a self-sustained tornado of trash? Within the papers and plates you see a few socks, and the white dog from before.


You turn and look back at Sans’ sleeping form, you want answers to that, but probably won’t get any. The skeleton is definitely an enigma; he confuses you, a complete mystery you want more answers to. Before you even realize it, you are running a hand along side his skull, tracing the contours of bone from where it curves at the cheekbone then down along his jaw itself. Smiling even in his sleep; feeling compelled, you lean over and place a gentle kiss along his cheek.


Sans stirs in his sleep, and shifts again this time to face towards you. Arms come winding around your body pulling you down and into his arms. His face now nuzzled into your breasts, and a subtle groan escaping him. You press the palms of your hands on top of his head, and rub gentle but firm; you’re rewarded with him nuzzling again.


A thought runs through you, and grin crossing your lips. You carefully start to rub slow circles along the skull, trailing them all the way to the base where spine meets skull and touch over them. You wonder if he will wake up from these touches, the touching gains him pressing his face directly into your right breast burying his face there. You can’t see his face if it is blushing or if he’s waking up, but you do feel the arms tightening around you.


Your eyes go to Sans’ face and you are greeted with white pin-pricks staring back at you. You pull your hands back sheepish at being caught only to have Sans pull you to him then roll enough so you are underneath the skeleton. He’s braced enough so he doesn’t crush you under his bones or weight, it feels like nothing.


That’s a nice way to wake up, ya touchin my head. I can get use to that.” Sans’ grin pulls wider, and you feel yourself smiling with him.


“You pushed me off the bed.” You tell him, and an eye-socket raises like an eyebrow quirk.


So that’s the reason you started pettin me?” You nod at his question. You feel his hands going to the top of the coat at the zipper and start tugging at it. Pulling it up then down, repeating it as if tempted to pull it completely down.


“Yep.” You answer back with a beaming smile, and for a second Sans is stunned into silence with how you are matching his banter. Taking hold of the zipper he tugs it down, just enough for the center of your sternum to be visible to his eyes. Then opening it up you shiver as cold bones rub down the center, tracing over where ribs meet the center bone through skin. You feel at ease with him doing this and keep your arms looped at his neck.


Feel better? How are you seeing?” Sans thrums his fingers along your skin, trailing them back up along your chest casually press them along the zipper line to hear bone against metal. His question makes you think, and you make a face.


“I can’t see with it dark in here.” Your answer has Sans pulling back; pressing his fingers to the edge of your necklace to shift off the magic, there is a snap and light fills the room. You cover your face with the coat arms, blinded at first, but you quickly pull off the coat when you can clearly see. You look up at Sans wide eyed, and he’s questioning you with that stare.


You able to see?” Sans leans over you, and from the bare torso he has; light passes through the ribs like blinds. You nod your head quickly still shocked at being able to see well; remembering the event that enabled this you feel your cheeks heat up and turn your head to the side. A hand tilts your head back so you look up at Sans, there is a softness to his eyes something that makes you feel at ease. The zipper is pulled back up enough to cover your skin, then the hood arranged to act as a pillow.


Feeling tired still, you feel your eyes drop and Sans ruffles your head. You look up at him weary of his antics; you see him roll to the side to get off the bed. For a moment you feel tense of him leaving, and he senses it.


Relax star-eyes. You get some more sleep, I still have a job as sentry. I have to go to my posts, you stay here and rest up. Papyrus should be in and out today so if you need something. You can snag em.” Sans assures you that he still has to leave, but for your benefit, right the guards and making it look like there is no human around. Sans leaves your clothes on the bed, and you look at him confused.


I need my coat doll. It’d be odd if I’m seen without it. You can peel it off of me later.” A coy wink that leaves you covering your arms around yourself to hold the coat hostage. Pulling the blanket you see around you, you start undressing from the coat, earning a few odd eye quirks from Sans.


I’ve already seen ya naked. Why so shy now?” Sans calls you on the behavior and you keep your eyes on him.


“I don’t know.” Pulling the blanket down; you unzip the coat and pull it off sliding it forward for Sans to grab and put on. You quickly put the clothes you had on the day before, you feel them a lot softer than what it would take for them to hang dry and give Sans a questioning stare.


I washed your clothes for you.” He confirms it and leans against the treadmill.


“Why is that here?” You slowly pull on your own clothes scrambling to pull your underwear up along with just wearing your shirt and sweater with pants.


For exercise of course.” But he is bone; you don’t question it, but look to the corner with the tornado of trash. Giving him a curious eyebrow raise.


It’s a trashnado.” You still want answers of how.


“How did you?” You stare in disbelief at the self-sustaining trash tornado. You clearly see the dog in the whirlwind. Fast asleep. Sans plucks the dog out carefully and holds it underneath his left arm. The dog whimpers a bit only to resume its sleep.


Made with magic, my doll. You’re questioning a walking and talking skeleton. Even boned one, and you wonder how a tornado of trash is a thing?” The heat rises to your face, and quickly turn your head away.


“That was a horrible pun.” You retort.


Yer smiling though.” He got you there.


“I am, and I love it.” Turning back to look at him, Sans is closer and leaning over you.


Try and sleep longer. I’ll check in on you at my breaks. You sore at all from yesterday?” You are a tiny bit sore in your hips and thighs. You nod at his question.


I’ll get you something later, if you feel up to it, take a bath. Might do you some good. For now, get some rest. I’ll see you soon.” Sans presses a kiss to your lips and you quickly return it before he blips out of the room.


You turn onto the bed, and lay down to sleep longer. Missing the comfort of Sans’ form next to you, you find a few pillows and make do with that. Curling up with them as you drift into darkness.



Elsewhere in Waterfall.


The field of echo flowers were repeating the last things they heard, a few random conversations, but sifting among them is your own cries from the previous night. What stands out the most as a figure walks by these flowers. Is the phrase spoken very soft in your post pleasure haze of.


“I… love you, Sans.” The figure stops when they hear it, certainly the voice is nothing of what they have heard before. So they keep listening to other flowers. One repeated phrase back from Sans.


I love you too. _____.” There is a subtle anger burning in this figure, and fire red hair whips up as they take off the helm of their armor.


“Someone has some explaining to do.” 

Blind Heart -Ch 13-

Title: Blind Heart

Rating: M/Explicit

Fandom: Undertale

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Sans

Summary: Sight is something we take for granted. What if all you had was to rely on the sight of others. Will they be helpful or be your downfall?

Disclaimers: I do not own Undertale characters. They belong to Tobyfox. I do own the story however, do not take it, or reupload anywhere without my consent.

Also posted onto and Archieve of our own. If those are your mediums. I’ve updated~ -…

Ao3 -…


Mature Content

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Are you sure about this? I mean you don’t have to do this.” You look up at Sans as you calm down from your own high. Realization running through you and at this point you bury your face into Sans’ jacket. Pulling the open flap onto your head, it is here you notice the glow of his chest, and see for the first time that he possesses a heart. Pulling your face out of his jacket you look up and only get Sans staring back at you.


Hmm?” Sans sees you are redder faced than normal and only widens the grin. Lifting your head with his free hand, he runs pseudo kisses along your jaw and across your lips. You return them, closing your eyes as you scoot forward a mild hiss at feeling Sans’ fingers still against your sensitive core. You feel the hand shift and pull away, as you leave kisses along his face as if needing them. You feel just below your hips his groin and a more obvious bump back against your own groin. You bite just a little on your bottom lip as you ground back down against it. Earning a hiss from Sans, you do this again despite feeling sensitive but egged on with the sounds he is making.


Sans’ hands move down to your hips to grind against all over, he feels great with the way your weight fits on his lap, the sizes between you two are well noticeable and you use that to your advantage with pushing your hips forward. Your arousal returning while Sans’ never diminished, the roll of your hips against his awakens something within you and with the gentle guiding of the skeleton’s hands firmer on your hips helping you rock against him. You feel even hotter than before, and with his magic almost everywhere you see clear in mild blue mixed yellow.


Your eyes transfix on Sans’ ribcage seeing the heart and this finally catches Sans’ attention to where you are staring. Tugging the coat open more he lets you see clearer but doesn’t do anything beyond that.


Pretty neat isn’t this? Seeing my soul?” You snap your head up to see his face, the glow of his eye what you can see amongst the bones.


“This is your soul?” You brush your fingertips along the top of the ribcage letting your fingers wander over the top not sure about touching it, a visible shiver from Sans and he pushes his hips up against yours. You note he seemed to like that touch, and do it again, tracing your index finger along the curve of the ribs starting with the small gap wiggling a finger then tracing along the upper of the fifth rib. A surge of energy almost from Sans, and what was once blue shifts between yellow, tinged greenish then back to blue.


You can feel just below your groin what feels like an erection straining against those shorts, the bump just a bit larger and more noticeable. You bite back the chance to smirk and roll your hips back down against it, a hearty grunt escaping Sans. Your fingers trail down the side of the rib to touch the sixth; making your way to the sternum itself tracing fingers down till it ends at the lip end. Intaking a breath of air, you feel braver with slipping your hand just inside the ribcage, only for Sans to grab hold of your hand stilling it.


N-not ready for you to do that part. Not to scare ya, but the wrong touch could hurt.” He leans down to rub his cheekbone against the flesh of your cheek seeing your expression almost panicked. To make up for it, he pushes up against you again; grinding hard to get friction between you again. You tilt your head to the side to place a kiss on his face, only to have him turn his head at the last second to give a full kiss.


Parting his jaw and mouth; Sans delves his tongue into your mouth, tilting your head back to deepen it easier. Your hand that was held by his starts to grip at his wrist, weaving your fingers between the radius and ulna. The rocking between you two speeds up, Sans starting to nearly thrust against you, the only barrier being pants, shorts, and underwear. If you could see on his skull light sweat has formed as he is trying hard to hold back pinning you down and taking you like this. His hand at your waist grips slight letting his fingers dig into the flesh and enjoying the squeeze where he grabs.


You want to be closer but you don’t feel ready at this point. You are comfortable with your clothing barriers, and push down trying to find that spot that allows him to feel the moist heat, while you feel the hardness against your folds. A frustrated hiss from you as you fumble with the buttons and zipper of your pants, enough to allow Sans to have a hand inside again. You are more hesitant of pressing your right hand down along his spine dipping down more till the palm of your hand comes in contact with his shorts.


Sans is running the knuckles of his fingers against your clit again, but stills when he feels your hand curiously run down the trapped length. A hiss coming through his teeth almost a whistle, as you palm the tip, feeling it twitch in your hand. You roll your hips down against Sans’ hand when he traces the slit of your folds and presses them in with the fabric.


Sans brings his free hand down to help guide your hand to pump him, smoothing your hand down the appendage feeling the girth barely letting you close your fist around. From base to tip you stroke and squeeze under his guiding in what he likes best. While he figures yours out by teasing you again with faintly rubbing your clit in slow agonizing circles remembering you don’t like the hard pressure of bone, he makes it comfortable like before.


You both are lost in your heat and lust, Sans is nudging your face with his for another kiss after parting to let you breathe, he delves again into it, deeper and tasting your mouth while his hips start thrusting into your hand. You match with how his hips move, pushing down on his hand, his fingers avoiding the entrance and presses and rubs the fleshy nub. A groan escapes Sans and liquid heat spills over your fingers. He had been holding on since your first orgasm itself, and let go. He gives you a sheepish grin, until you roll your hips down to feel his fingers now wanting the same thing. He carries out with barely breaching your entrance playing with the ring then rubbing the nub a bit harder. Listening to you sing again against his shoulder. 


“S-Sans! Please!” You beg for something unsure of what, and feel his fingers speed up.


Please what doll?” Sans growls into your ear, you are shivering in ache at this point.


“Please! Please! Please make me cum! Sans!” You plead more against his shoulder while his fingers work against both spots rubbing sinfully slow at the entrance then tapers back to your clit.


You gonna cum again? Am I going to make you?” His words are growled low, seeing you enjoy it before.


“Yes! Please! I can’t take it!” You have tears dotting your eyes as you’re overwhelmed, and almost sob when his hand slows down only to completely still itself. As if to make you quiet for something. Sans wraps an arm around you and holds you close to his form, you see look up at his face to find out why he stopped right when you are so close. Then you hear it, the sound of a key scraping against the door lock.


Now you understand why he stopped, and looking up you see almost genuine fear on his face, the idea of getting caught by Papyrus like this. Is not romantic, and even more is the humming coming from the taller skeleton.


You tense and freeze up, only for Sans to tug his coat around you, and before the door could even be opened. Reality fades out for a brief second and you both are in the center of the field of echo flowers. Sans had removed his hand from your pants, as he held onto you, and once the air of the field hits you. You look up at Sans sheepishly; he gives you a grin back wider, and there is a click of his jaw, he’s about to say something. You both are sitting down on the ground, you’re still in his lap and Sans still has his magic going.


“We’ve been Pap-blocked.” You chime up, and Sans stares at you for a second. A deep and full hearted laugh comes from him. One that echoes with the flowers and you join him in laughing. Sans wraps his arms around you again and pulls you close to his chest, rubbing your back. It feels great to break that awkward tension of almost being caught. The look you get from Sans, is something of full adoration.


With the lights of the flowers it adds a distinct glow to his bones, and you are staring intently with how the blue compliments him. Shifting closer, you are slightly uncomfortable with how your underwear is or even your clothes against your skin. Seeing your expression is different; and understanding that it might be difficult to walk anywhere for a long period of time. Sans collects you into his arms and you both start to move locations following a path Sans knows of.


“Where are we going?” You wind your arms around his neck, and try looking around you, the field making way to what seems like a pool surrounded by flowers, some resembling lilies, others more like buttercups except blue. It also feels warmer here than where you were.


We’re going here. This water spot is close to Hotland, a bit warmer than other spots. Figure we’d wash up here. Rather than take our chances with Pap asking us questions neither of us want to answer.” Sans explains and starts to tug off the clothing he has, his jacket spared from any fluids. He passes that over to you, and turns away enough.


“So like a hot spring?” You say more to yourself. You also see him handing his jacket over, it dawns on you that he’s offering to clean your clothes. Hesitantly you take the coat, and wrap it around yourself, shifting to remove your top clothing, shirt, bra, and passing them over to Sans’ outstretched hand. You repeat this with your pants and underwear. Tugging the jacket around you, you sit  down huddled into the jacket, trying to conceal yourself from his eyes. Despite not too long ago he had his hands and fingers all over you.


Shy now are ya? Don’t worry, it’s only me here. I don’t think anyone else knows of this place.” Sans starts washing your clothes first, you notice that he doesn’t do anything weird like make note of the type of underwear you have, or make comments as he is doing this. You have the fluffy hood of his jacket pulled over your head to hide your red face, the jacket also zipped up to hide your nude form. It is almost so big on you that it acts like a dress. The water gave off its own glow enabling you to see it clear, it shown a bright blue, giving off almost the same glow of Sans’ soul.


Turning your head enough, and lifting the hood you take a glance over to Sans, he’s now working on your pants and is quick about washing them. The sound that filled the air was mostly silence, save for odd chirping from sparkles flitting in and out like fireflies. You move closer to Sans, sitting down next to him just as he finishes cleaning your shirt and bra, working on his own shorts now.


Ya should probably take a dip in the water. Ya might feel better.” Sans suggests, and after he finishes cleaning both sets of clothes he lays them out on a few boulders, to let them dry. You feel shy about showing your body to him, despite his words that you are beautiful. You wonder if his mind would change after seeing it without clothes. You wrap your arms around yourself and while sitting next to the skeleton tuck your knees under the hoodie.


All you feel is mild disgust for your body, and try hiding it under the coat. The hood falling down to cover your face, you are feeling more insecure about it. You don’t see Sans moving in front of you, or how he observes you turtling up. His guess you were more than just a little shy, so you are shocked when the zipper is being tugged downwards. The hood being pulled off your head, and you are met with a softer expression on Sans’ skull.


C’mon, I know you must be uncomfortable. Trust me, it is only me that sees you like this.” This coaxes you a little bit, and you allow him to pull the coat down off your shoulders. The light of the water catching your skin just right to make it almost glow under the faint light. You turn your head away from Sans’ stare, and feel him place his hands on your shoulders, rubbing them to ease your nerves.


The jacket is tugged off fully, and your hands scramble to cover your stomach and breasts. Knees pull up and close together in attempt to make you feel smaller. Sans’ hands return to your shoulders and starts rubbing them, smoothing down your arms, then back upwards till they reach just at your neck then slide down your back.


Phalanges tracing over the knobs of where your spine can be felt, he’s mapping out your skeleton and presses just on a spot where ribs connect to your spine. The spot makes you jump and squeak. A hearty chuckle comes from Sans, and you shyly glance back upwards to him. You see bones, lots of bones as your head is resting close to his ribcage. His hands smooth back up your back, just getting you comfortable in his presence without clothing.


You are met with his face staring down at yours, not moving off your face seeing you curl up from being bare. He’s still waiting for you to be comfortable to move, and keeps his hands rubbing your shoulders, arms and back. The feel of smooth bone against your skin and it reminds you that this is someone who loves you. Pulling back, you drop your gaze to his chest and are now seeing the glow of his chest like before, and touch your fingers light over the center of his sternum. A pleasant hum comes from Sans, and he tightens his hold on you.


Getting a touch braver, you look up again, and lean back uncovering your chest enough for Sans to see. Taking you carefully into his arms, Sans sets you back a little to allow his eyes to roam over your form. You swallow hard at his roaming stare, and start to turn your head away in shame again. You’re beginning to think this is bad when he doesn’t say anything. Instead you feel his index phalange under your chin, and look upwards. His face is close to you again and Sans’ eyes half-lid down as he places a kiss on your cheek, then to your lips.


“Why shy away like that, you’re beautiful.” A light and easy tone in his voice. You feel warmer in his arms, like his bones radiating heat.


“You’re not turned away from… this?” Your hands go down to grip at your sides, grabbing just a little bit of skin. You feel Sans shift, and stand up with you collected in his hands. You are transfixed on his face and don’t even see that you’re approaching the water until you are dropped into it. A squawk comes from you, you are dropped into knee length deep water. You stare up at Sans now, shocked that he tossed you in the water, the glow of the water acting as your sight point.


You’ve seen me right? I am a skeleton, and you are worried about a little fat in places? Sweetheart, I told you before, you are beautiful in my eye sockets. Not a thing about you is unpleasant.” Sans is next to you now and picking you up out of the water to hold against him. It is pleasantly warm and a bit warmer than bathwater itself about 95 degrees reminding you of spa water.


You relax into his arms again, as they wrap around you, holding you in place just to relax in the water. You are silent for a while as you mull over his words in your head. He honestly finds you attractive, and it makes you feel a lot better. Finding you beautiful where you find yourself less elegant. You are drawn out of your thoughts by Sans’ fingers combing through your hair, tangling where you haven’t been able to brush it as of late. Sans works out the tangles till your hair runs smooth, using the water to dump in spots to make it easier.


You feel pampered and relaxed more in his arms. You look upwards and see he has been staring back at you. The glow of his soul providing a lot of light, the water’s glow in combine with his soul gives off a beautiful hue to his bones. You fidget in his arms as the urge to kiss him is getting stronger. Your right hand goes up to touch on his left clavicle and threads your fingers around the bone. You carefully stroke along it, his attention on you getting stronger as you get braver. A hand from Sans cups under your side, bringing you close for him to kiss.


You return this kiss full, tilting your head back and parting your mouth to allow him to press his tongue inside. You are moved again; this time to the shore of the pool, and laid down on your back. You jump from the cold of the ground as your heated skin comes in contact. Sans emits a snicker at your reaction, then resumes the kiss; his hand not holding you on your back travels down your form, ghosting down your skin.


A shiver from you in delight; Sans takes it as a good sign and moves his hand back upwards. It feels better than his touch over the clothes. You return the touch with your hands touching down his ribs and sternum. The glow of his magic returning brighter; hands busying themselves and roaming over your skin while yours on bone feeling the different textures from smooth to rough. Sans moves his hand off your back and sits up so he doesn’t crush you. His hands now hover over your skin, locking eyes with you; tapering the kiss off, you are breathing heavier while Sans covers your neck and shoulder in nips.


Are you okay with this, you want to go further, or stop here?” The question coming out in a low tone against your ear. A phalange swirls around one breast, dipping between them purposefully avoiding the flesh as he waits for your answer. You push up into the finger against your skin wanting it on you, closer to the nipple an ache forming in your very soul to be with him.


“I... want you to continue.. please be gentle.” Your request on the end of granting him permission to touch. Sans dips his head down to kiss you again, pressing in while his hand close to your breast cups it finally. Smoothing the bone against skin, rubbing down along the mound, you arch up into the touch while his tongue slips back into your mouth delving deeper.


I wouldn’t dream of hurtin you, star eyes.” Sans starts to roam his hands again, one going up to cup the back of your head, and the other splays over your torso, where you really feel the size difference between you and Sans. Here he is enormous in structure, but gentle as if you are so fragile. Your hand that has been threading fingers between the bones that make up his left arm, you tug it downwards guiding it across your tummy, again he splays out his hand, then curls his fingers raking them delicate across your skin in a delightful scratch.


“Ah, Sans. Please…” You breathe out, you aren’t sure what you were pleading for him to do. Other than wanting his hands all over you. You couldn’t get enough of the feel of them, tangled in your hair, or caressing your skin. The hand you have that you’ve been having inch lower, twists a bit to get you to let go, you catch on and move your hands away. Sans getting the idea you want him to touch lower. He pulls away after untangling his fingers from your hair, minding a few snags between the segments of bone, apologizing under his breath seeing you wince and stare hard at pulling a few baby fine hairs.


Sitting upright, Sans collects your legs into his hands, raising them up so the flat of your feet are presented to his face. You stare again in confusion, but whatever you were about to say dies on your lips when you see him kiss over the top of your feet. Pecking kisses close to your toes as if worshipping you in this moment. In his head he was going over the bone structure where just beneath the layers of skin and muscle your own bones lay hidden. Sans’ teeth graze over your ankle going up the left leg, and a playful nip along your shin.


Sans’ hands slip up where your thighs are pressed together, you instinctively tighten the pressure as hesitation shows brief in your nerves. Sans meets where his hands are placed his mouth; kisses just on your upper thigh. Pressing his cheekbone into the flesh of your thigh, and looking up at you from this spot. Sans’ hands keep rubbing along the underside of your rear; over the skin and outside of your thighs, warming your skin as best as he could to ease your nerves.


Everything alright? You want to stop here?” Keeping you in mind, Sans roams his hands everywhere except the center. You visibly shiver again, and wrap your arms around yourself. You shake your head no at his question, but another shiver shakes your form. Sensing your cold; Sans reaches over to grab his coat and lifts you up for a second to help you put it on. You feel a little better with it on to hide some of your form, the front opened to his view.


Sans returns to where he was, back to coaxing your legs apart, you shyly do so parting them at the knee and straightening them out. You quickly pull the sleeves of the coat to cover your face when you see Sans’ press his fingers along the top of your mons. You bite on the sleeve when you feel thumbs parting the outer folds. Heat of Sans’ boney hand cups you, fingers spread over the top of the mound and he presses in a little. He’s feeling the bone through the skin again, and rubs down to the junction of where thigh meets your groin.


Your face burning, the dim light of the water around, and echo flowers provide light, some of it filters through Sans’ ribs leaving a line pattern across your torso. You peek over your arm, and are met with Sans staring back at you, a wider smirk on his mouth.


Keep my coat warm. But I do want to see your face.” A hand comes up to smooth the hood off your head; you blink and are aware your face is redder. Sans returns his hand down to travel over your skin, he’s mesmerized with how it illuminates from either the light of the flowers, or his own soul. Bone passes over a nipple and very swift he flicks it gentle to make you jump. Instantly the nub hardens as he swirls the digit around the areola to peak. A sigh comes from your mouth as the finger does the same on the other breast, another jump when it is squeezed.


A lift of your hips pushes you a little closer to Sans, he snakes an arm underneath the small of your back. You feel him rest his head against your crook of your thigh, now keeping you from closing them again without pushing his face closer. The hand toying with your breasts leaves to go down to where his face hovers just over your core.


Tracing phalanges down the sides of the slit, he presses them together and cups you again with the ball of his palm. He slides the hand down a bit more then starts bringing it back up petting. Very faint you feel the sensation of the labia spread again; adjusting his fingers to hold them apart. You can feel the heat of his gaze so close studying you. A curious finger traces up from where your entrance is, drawing out a sigh from you only for it to hitch as his finger brushes over the clit. Circling it twice, he pulls the hood back enough to fully expose the nub to air.


You by now bury your face again in the sleeves, but peek through a gap in your arms. Seeing him entranced by this spot, you jump when the pad of bone presses against the tip of the clit. You let out a heavy breath you were holding, it is shaky as you lower your arms. In Sans’ chest the glow increases and before you figure where the magic goes to, you feel it.


Hot heat and slick against your clit; his tongue runs down along pressing it down, and flattens his tongue against your flesh. You jolt upright and press your hands against his skull, as Sans delves his tongue down the slit and stops it at the opening of your vagina. An eye peeks up towards you, worried he hurt you. Only to have you push your hips up against his face and your hands pressing against his skull down for more.


“Don’t stop! Please!” The plea comes out meek, but firm. Sans lowers his head down and returns to rubbing his tongue against your folds, lapping at them while the tongue divides them going up to the top of your mons then down almost against the perineum. You let out a higher moan at this, and rock your hips up against his mouth. A whine of disappoint comes off your tongue when he pulls back brief, and you stare down at him in question.


I’m going to put my fingers in, okay?” Sans looks up for further permission, still giving you the option to stop at any time.


“Okay.” You answer him, and shift when his mouth returns to give a languid lick across your folds.


Lay back down.” Sans nuzzles his head against your thigh, and you do lay down again, the heat of where you were returning. You keep your hands on his head, as a grounding point for you.


You feel more exposed as curious fingers part your folds again, this time you can see the tongue back at work, running over the length of your core then back, you rock your hips back to feel more of it. A mewl of pleasure coming off your lips as Sans swirls his tongue around the nub of your clit.


One hand moves off, and your breath hitches again when you feel just the tip of a finger press against your opening. Sans runs the length of his tongue back up to lave at the nub in circles. Your attention drawn off of his fingers enough for him to slip one inside, going further than the earlier play back at the house. You rest and breathe deeper as he runs his tongue again along the side of his finger, focusing on this spot.


You feel pressure as another finger is pressed in, slowly while Sans is sweeping his tongue around the tight ring, trying to get you to relax. You feel like heaven on his fingers, and he inches them in further, spreading them out. You are letting moans come out louder, and a scream comes off as you feel his tongue fit inside with his fingers. Your fingers on Sans’ skull scratch just faint, and you move your hands off to plant them on the ground to avoid digging your nails into his skull.


You feel a little discomfort in the way the pressure is almost too much, afraid any further inside would hurt. A mild whimper comes from your lips, and Sans is looking up again worried he hurt you. Pulling his tongue back so he can speak. The pressure still there, you barely felt him slip in a third finger, he keeps them still as he nuzzles your leg again.


You’re doing great sweetheart. You’re good, you’re safe. I’m not hurting you. Here sit up a little.” Sans helps you sit up, and take one of your hands, bringing it down to where his fingers are buried inside. Your fingertips grace over the back of his fingers they were in as far as they go, and you thought it’d hurt. You keep his stare for a moment and try something. You pat around the sides of your folds where they’re stretched checking for something. When you are satisfied with not finding blood or tearing, you lean back again. Sans however keeps your hand down there, and uses your fingers to press against the nub of your clit.


You get what he wants and show him how you prefer to be touched. In light circles then harder in intervals. Sans watches you closely as discomfort ebbs off, and moves his fingers pulling them back then carefully pushes them inside, curling them. You let out a hiss of pure pleasure; you feel him return his tongue down with his fingers, first it runs over your fingers to further add fluid to keep you from rubbing dry. Then in addition to his fingers pushing inside, Sans presses his tongue in as the fingers pull back.


This keeps up with his movements of fingers curling them in spots as if searching for something, when you arch your back and cry out. Sans prods the spot again to see if you do it again, and only end up thrashing under both his tongue and his fingers. You feel something pooling in your abdomen like earlier, and shiver when his tongue or fingers brush that spot.


“S-stop! Stop please! It’s too much!” You have tears in your eyes, the sensation overwhelming you, but as quick as you utter stop, Sans does, carefully withdrawing his tongue and fingers. Cleaning off the fingers in the water near you two, he roams them up your body, tugging the coat closed to provide you warmth and comfort.


Alright, we’ll rest for a bit. You by the way taste sweet.” Sans beams and presses his face against your neck nuzzling it. You feel comfortable again, enough to ease the nerves you felt from that increased pressure. Sans guides his hands down your coat covered shoulders, and down your arms. You two spend the next few moments in silence, while you calm down.


“Can I... do what you did? To you?” You look up at Sans catching his face in the glow of an echo flower. The skeleton monster regards you gently with an expression then sits up. You follow him to sit up, and take him in again. Only what you haven’t seen before but felt is the glowing cyan erection on his pelvis.


Only if you really want to. I’m still not forcing you to do anything.” Placing a hand underneath your chin and tilting it upwards he leans down enough to give you a chaste kiss with his teeth. You crawl forward gaining more confidence to continue. You sit just on his femurs while your hands travel over his ribs again.


With shaking hands you place them on his sternum, and one of his hands touches over the back of your right. Holding it as your hand slips down, feeling the contours of bone under your fingertips. You keep going till they hover over his soul, you hook your fingers just inside the ribs, his fingers right there with yours as they brush the soul. A sharp intake of breath from Sans, and he holds your hand in place you take this as a good sign when his face is lit up in pleasure.


Moving your other hand down, you touch over the bone of his pelvis, taking the same gentle touches he did with you. His free hand is there to guide your hand closer to the appendage, but lets you have freedom to do so. Fumbling just enough your palm graces the tip then eases down over the head. You hear Sans take another breath and let it out. His hand holding onto yours over his soul grips a smidge tighter while you glide your hand down his erection. The size is intimidating at glance, but on measuring in your head, easily eight inches in length, and the girth is what mild scares you.


Your eyes are mesmerized by the soft glow your hand is in contact with, and without thinking about it. You lower your head down adjusting yourself so you can press the tip against your lips in a shy kiss. You don’t see Sans’ eyes nearly bug out from you doing this. You do feel the free hand slip into your hair, and guide you to the side. You press kisses down the rather soft tip and shaft. Flicking your tongue along it, you taste what is almost like something sweet, like honey but clearly not. Wondering if it is linked with his magic or his soul.


Feeling braver and enjoying the clicks of his jaw when you pepper his penis with kisses. The sighed moans as you run your tongue along it, the grip tightening in your hair till you take it into your mouth. Subtle sucking on it, the girth proving too much to fit in your mouth, you keep at the tip alone.


Such a good girl, you’re good, you’re hot, so beautiful. Keep going, almost at my limit.” You stare up almost in fear, the glow of his soul giving you a blink of his grin.


“Don’t worry so much. I wouldn’t dream of stopping beyond that point.” A casual wink, and you settle down in relief not wanting to stop anytime soon. You press more attention to the tip till Sans is tapping the left side of your jaw.


Dems the breaks love. Trust me. I love feelin your mouth, but I’ll admit. I really want to be inside you now. If you will let me.” This was the last question of permission, and where you could turn back now. Sitting back up, you feel Sans cup your face in his hands; pulling you in for a full kiss. You part your lips to allow him to deepen the kiss; only to hear him speak instead.


I won’t go further without your full consent here star-eyes.” A thumb presses against your cheek, and you feel at ease with him constantly seeking your permission. Making sure not to hurt you, and taking care of you.


“Yes, I want this. I want you to continue. I’m ready now.” With those words, Sans resumes the kiss, full and hard pushing his tongue into your mouth. Sans also helps guide you back down onto the ground, but tugs at the coat to open the front. You allow him to open it, your arms winding around his neck to pull him in closer.


Hands are going to your legs and coaxing them apart so he fits between them. You loop your legs over and around till your ankles are against the coccyx. Making it easier on you, Sans emits more than just an appendage but cushions his belly against your own. Giving him a grounded weight as he settles. You feel the length of his erection slide against your core; slipping along the folds till the tip prods your opening.


You move your hands to lace with his ribcage again. His free hand not guiding his penis along the folds grips your hand near his soul. You both keep close, you’re relying on the glow of his chest, eye, and the flowers nearby to keep stare. A gasp comes from you when you feel the blunt head press against the tight ring, despite his prepping you, it still didn’t change the feeling of being penetrated for the first time.


Inching in slowly, Sans lets out a breathed hiss as the head is inside. He’s checking your face, and sees your eyes squeezed tight. He inches in further, trying to make it painless as possible, the stretch feels great to you. There is a sting and burn just at the entrance itself, and you are tightening your grip on his ribs, his hand holding yours in place as you feel him sliding in till he is fully in.


 Sans stops moving once fully inside, and merely allows you to adjust. Freeing one hand to press over your abdomen, he rubs it to smooth out the soreness you feel. Even going down to rub at your clit to relax you further. It feels like an eternity as you wait to feel your body adjust and relax. Sans’ hands doing wonders with letting you keep your grip on the rib hostage under your fingers. The other rubbing and petting over the folds just around where you’re joined.


That’s my girl, damn you’re beautiful.” Sans’ coos to you, and feels you shift your hips. He pulls back a small bit then pushes back in. Thrusting in short thrusts rather than pulling back entirely. Sans starts pulling back when he hears groans of pleasure escape you.


That’s my beautiful girl, c’mon you’re hot. Yer damn hot inside and feelin great on me. Squeeze me. Ah, that’s it, squeeze tighter.” Sans encourages you to relax and through talking into your ear. He whispers and growls praises while his thrusts get harder against you. You hear his requests and squeeze when he wants you to, a louder cry off your lips, and whine underneath him as the sensation of something inside is hit again. Your vision goes white when this spot is hit, and lolling your head back against the fur of the coat you thrash underneath Sans.


“Ah! Sans! Please! There! There! Again There Pleease!” You break into a mess of pants and whimpering as the thrusts get harder on one spot. Sans centers his movements to hit into it, a hand dipping down to thrumb his fingers against your clit, that pressure in your abdomen returning fierce. A series of moans and cries coming from you, you grip your hand on his ribcage tighter, and feel his fingers tighten around yours, tugging the hand away from his ribs only to lace his fingers with yours.


Here? Right here? You feel good right here?” Sans keeps up his talk seeing how it works on you, and you push and arch up underneath. The combined pressures of his thumb and fingers at the nub above where you are joined together. To Sans lowering his head down to indulge in another kiss. Your senses are overwhelmed again, but unlike earlier not wanting to stop this feeling. It feels great.


Breaking off the kiss, you let out a high scream, your vision going blank as you peak in orgasm, and faintly feel a gush from you. Sans thrusts even harder and mutters something against your ear.


Fuck! Hot! Hot!” Sans groans out as he follows after you, spilling his essence well into you, in hot spurts. Your hands laced together tightening till it almost feels like you’ll break the others hand. You are shaking underneath Sans, and each nuzzle Sans gives you, is followed by a giggling squeak from you.


Oh, bashful now are ya?” Sans grins more and you feel his magic fade out, leaving you feeling empty. Yet relieved from, you open your eyes to see him, and you do see him clearer, but almost at the same level with your limited sight. Perhaps it is from the already dark area you two are in, but you feel at ease when Sans pulls you into his arms. You are more tired than you let on, and without complaining or fussing you easily start dozing off in his arms.


Hey, ya need to give me my coat back.” Sans pokes at your cheek, you nuzzle your face into his ribs. Leaving him in a dilemma of how to dress you while wrapped in his coat; collecting the discarded clothes.


Trouble aren’tcha. At least yer so cute in my coat. I’ll get it back later, keep it warm fer me.” You rouse under his words.


“I love you too.” You see the surprise in his eyes, and thankfully near one echo flower that did not pick up on your screaming, or his moans.  You see his face flush blue, and turn away.


I love you. That sounds nice.” With that you lose consciousness and drift into light sleep. The sensation of being carried; then his teleporting, you feel cold again, then wrapped in warmth again. You curl closer to the warmth, and hear his chuckle in the blissful haze your mind is.


Let’s sleep star-eyes.” Sans coaxes you to relax more, you already feel like jelly.


“Alright, big bones.”

Blind Heart - Ch 12-

Title: Blind Heart

Rating: M/Explicit

Fandom: Undertale

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Sans

Summary: Sight is something we take for granted. What if all you had was to rely on the sight of others. Will they be helpful or be your downfall?

Disclaimers: I do not own Undertale characters. They belong to Tobyfox. I do own the story however, do not take it, or reupload anywhere without my consent.

Also posted onto and Archieve of our own. If those are your mediums. I’ve updated~ -…

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“Kisses like that will make it hard to wait.”  You say to Sans, and get a wider grin. Guided inside the place, you are taken up to the counter this time instead of a booth. At the counter you both settle on the same things a burger each and some fries. You hadn’t realized how hungry you were until the food is in front of you. Having missed a bit of the morning meal due to your trip to Alphys, and only going on a small bit of Papyrus’ spaghetti. Once you get your sight back, you would have to show him more to the sauce and assist in teaching him.


Sans has his back to the counter while a few of the dog monsters were clamoring Sans for pets. It is endearing to watch as these humanoid dog creatures pine for his attention. Sans gives them each pats on the head, and petting under their chins. He catches you staring at him, and gives you a lazy wink. Thankfully the necklace you are given reduces the need of the bucket , you leave it glowing and see equivalent to someone in a dark room with mild luminance on these faces. It was better than dim flashlight view.


There is a relaxed feeling in the air around Sans, and you let out a calm sigh at feeling so relaxed. The thoughts of what might come later out of your head for now, you are enjoying his company and Sans is clearly enjoying yours with how he leans closer to you, to loop an arm around your shoulder with his right and pull you in.


One of the dogs moves close to you after seeing you be so close to Sans, a smaller white dog in armor, and rests its head on your lap, tail wagging wildly. You raise your hand a smidge and a yip is made excitedly, you strain to focus in the light. Its neck got longer; you cast a glance over to Sans who keeps that lazy grin.


Ya got him started, keep going.” Sans encourages you to keep petting the dog, and as you do his head keeps growing. A little bewildered by this, but you haven’t pet nearly enough, trying to see exactly how long the neck can stretch. You keep it up, Sans is leaning back on the bar counter watching you have the time of your life like this. To him the look on your face is all he needs, something of joy and not held back. When you feel like you have petted the dog enough you give a patient smile to the dog who gets the idea that you are done.


Your nerves are eased just from the peaceful atmosphere between you and Sans. Once you had finished your food, you stand up with Sans’ help he starts to guide you out of the place, winding an arm around you. You look up and thanks to the necklace you can see him under the faint light, there is a moment where his eyes shine for you, and you feel a unique connection. You barely even register that you and him are walking, Sans is guiding you along and your senses come back once the cold air of outside hits you. Snapping you out of your daze, you barely even notice the stares of awe from the rest of the patrons. More they are giving looks of praise and admiration, witnessing something real, and endearing.


Cold-struck?” Sans guides you under his arm, pulling you closer to him, leaning down a touch to nuzzle his face to the top of your head. The short walk from Grillby’s to the skeleton brother’s house felt longer with how Sans would stop to talk to someone, or someone running up to him to ask a question. Sometimes stopping suddenly just to hear a squeak from you. Once inside the house, the atmosphere you felt from before intensifies, you feel relaxed in Sans’ presence, even as he guides you towards the couch. You hear him practically plop onto it, and only a moment longer before you are pulled into his arms.


You tense up at this; worry is written all over your face, and you sit up quickly. Echoes of what Alphys said hitting you ten-fold. Sans sees this clearer than you, and merely sitting in his lap reminded you that there is something to be done. Your hands fidget with the hem of your shirt, cheeks burning no doubt red from the blush as you start to tug the shirt upwards. Sans’ hand stops it from moving, and instead you are pulled closer so your face is against his shoulder.


Easy star-eyes. We don’t have to rush this; we can wait as long as you need. I want you to think about this before you commit yourself to it.” This settles you down a bit, and a shaky breath you were holding is exhaled.


“I… don’t mean to be nervous… I mean…” You look down avoiding his face, and feel his hand move under your chin to gently lift it back to him, to lock eyes, one of his fingers brushing the charm on the necklace.


You mean?” Sans is closer than he was, placing a pseudo kiss on your cheek, and turning so the cheekbone rubs against the flesh of your own cheek.


“I am scared… not that it will hurt, or anything. I’m scared.. that you’ll leave me.” Sans is regarding you now with a serious expression, waiting for you to continue.


“One of my friends, they were with this person for a long while, a few years together. When they were “together” the next day, they were left out of the blue, after the first time. Told they were never even truly loved.”  You fidget more with your hands, but do not look away from Sans as you explain this story. His eyes blacken brief, then he leans in to give you a kiss, one full of love.


That is a horrible thing that person did. No, I will never do anything like that to you. When monsters pick mates, they’re for life, none of that one time fling things. They stay unless two big things happen, either they fall out of love or basically betrayed in love. Or their partner dies, I’ve rarely seen monsters with mates that have passed away, move on though.” Sans is pressing more kisses to each side of your face, each one melts away worry.


Love bonds here are taken serious, if I only had the intention of one thing with you, I would not bring you to all these places, or home.” He ends the last kiss on your lips, one of his hands ghosts up your back trailing the phalanges up it. A delightful shiver comes from you, and you lean in closer to him, feeling at ease. Returning his kiss, you press another to his forehead.


“Wait, you mean?” You look up at him, and he’s giving off a wider grin. “But… we can take time, at least for me to be ready?” Sans nods, and runs the fingers that are on your back up through your hair combing through it.


As long as you need, be it this moment, today, days, weeks, months, or years, perhaps even not at all. That is only up to you, and when ya feel you want to.” The hand in your hair finishes combing through and ends with cupping the left side of your face. Bringing you in to place another kiss, you are eagerly returning it.


“Thank you, but can I ask you something?” You keep his stare, and when you know his full attention is on you. “Why are you going to such great lengths to protect me like this? Won’t bad things happen if you are caught, I mean… you’ve done so much for me.” You downcast your stare, with the limited vision you can see your own body, and that reminds you of something else. “I am not as pretty as some of the monsters I have seen, I’m not thin, or glamorous… I’ve been plain my whole life. I-ow!”  Sans bumps his skull forehead against yours, followed by Sans pushing his mouth against yours to stop you from saying anymore. When you pull back you see blue as both eye sockets are lit up, and slightly flaming.


I don’t know who put that thought in your head, but clearly they’re idiots for thinking and making you feel low on yourself.” Sans lifts your face and holds your head in a comfortable way so you can’t look away from him.


As you see, I’m a skeleton; I have no skin, no muscle, no fat, and no hair. Things on a normal human body can make someone envious, you are so soft, and you’re more beautiful than anything I’ve seen here. I didn’t make a promise to you back in Waterfall for nothing.” One hand has slipped down to grasp yours, lacing fingers together. Sans presses his forehead against yours.


 “You barely see, let alone know much down here. I am with you not because of a promise to the person behind the door, but as someone that perhaps… gives me something to fight for.” His voice is faltering on a spot, and you can see it in his eyes.


Your own eyes soften, and you are leaning in closer to keep your forehead against his. Listening to Sans’ praises; a warm feeling in your chest, and heat blooming through you. With your hands held together, you lean into give him another kiss.  This kiss is also returned, but you startle from the sensation of Sans’ mouth parting, a chuckle from him not knowing he could do that. You feel something press at the trench of your lips, parting your mouth you feel it slip into your mouth. You meet this appendage; a tongue, and coil yours with it deepening the kiss with a tilt of your head back and his up and to the side.


 One of his hands in yours squeezes tighter, as a sigh of contentment escapes you between the kiss. Sans’ hand that is not doing anything slips up underneath the back of the shirt you are wearing. Trailing the ends of the phalanges against skin, you shiver from it, and moan soft into the kiss. You move your hands to grip his coat, while his now free hand roams down along the front of your chest pausing just over the curve of your breast then avoiding it.


You ache for the touch, and when Sans’ hand pass over it upwards you push closer to his hand. The back of his hand brushing over the mound, earning a hum of approval from him. You taper the kiss off and light pants for air come from you; Sans is trailing the tongue along your jaw till his mouth is against your ear. “I think I love how soft you are.” He grabs gentle at your hips and the way you are seated pushes your hips against his. A sighed moan escapes you, and both of your hands shoot up to cover your mouth.


Ah, already singing, and I’ve barely started. Let me hear more.” Sans nips at your earlobe, while his hands push you back down against his hips. Earning another heated sighed moan, louder than the last one. You are getting more vocal, and he enjoys hearing your voice. You feel something against your groin, and instinctive you press down against it. A grunt from Sans tells you he liked it, and you do it again, settling into a rhythm with him.


Sans presses his tongue against your neck, the necklace providing a bit of annoyance. A nip at your neck when you grind back against Sans’ lap; his hands helping guide you with his rhythm. You feel the bump more against the swell of your cloth covered folds, and Sans pushing you down to grind right there. Another moan torn from you, louder while you feel hotter, you barely feel one of his hands slip beneath the hem of your pants, pressing down in front. The tongue against your neck moves and Sans’ teeth catch on the collar of your shirt tugging it enough so he can bite gentle at your shoulder. Another sigh from you, and your eyes widen at what you feel next.


You feel bone against the next barrier of cloth from your panties. The hand stills there when you tense up, and your desire wins out as you push your hips down into his hand. Sans’ curls his hand so the knuckle spots bump against your clit; a higher moan escapes you and he takes note of it. When you press back he does it again grinding his fingers against the nub, turning his hand so the length of Sans’ fingers are felt against the crease. He curls them where he feels the most heat and moist, at the entrance.


You jump in his lap, and cry out when his fingers slip around the barrier, pressing against the hole not penetrating but playing with the very spot. Sans’ fingers spread the folds then slip back upwards till they brush over the fleshy nub.


That’s my babygirl, you are doing great. Keep moving yer hips like that, atta’ girl. Keep going.” Sans is next to your ear again, while you sob in pleasure against his shoulder. He emits a groan when you deftly bite on his clavicle, tears are forming in your eyes at the overwhelming sensation. Your vision darkens as you close your eyes to focus on the sensations now, letting go of your worries for now and letting more sounds come from your lips slightly muffled from the bone.


 You release the bone from your teeth only to end up sucking on it when you feel his fingers rub your clit slowly then dip back down along your hot core. He keeps up this rubbing curling his fingers avoiding pushing further than what you are comfortable with.


You feel a pressure in your tummy, and you are moving closer to his hand. “I feel so hot. Your hand feels so good. I… feel… something.” You manage out, voice panted at the end as you push your hips down and grind against his hand. Sans backs his fingers off from the hole, and pays sole attention to the fleshy nub. Your hips bouncing with his hand pushing against it.


That’s it sweetheart, come on, yer hot, ya feel good. Damn you’re beautiful like this.” More praises in your ear, and fingers pressing harder against the nub. Your moans are raising in pitch and placing your face back against his shoulder you find the bone you were sucking on and do it again. The pressure building more intense, and when you feel on edge, you arch backwards.


You brace your hands on his knees and push back down against his hand, Sans is meeting your hip movements keeping pace’ Watching your whole body shake and feel a lot hotter, just barely Sans is pressing his fingers back against the hole. Still not pushing them in save for the tips of his fingers, his thumb against your clit rubbing and keeping you at your high point.


You feel your knees jerk involuntary and your toes curling, every nerve on fire. The tension in your tummy peaks finally and you cry out Sans’ name in a swift yelped cry. Sans feels a fluid rush on his fingers and the hole clamping down on his fingers, twitching. He keeps rubbing gentle and quickly easing you through your first orgasm like this.


Pressing your face back against his chest, your face is hot, and you tilt your head enough from Sans’ nuzzling it to get a kiss from you. A full sigh between the kiss and you feel satisfied, the hard feeling below you is gone. You lock eyes with Sans only to blush fierce.


Damn you are gorgeous.” His praise is backed with more pecks of his mouth against your cheek.


“That really happened.” You say more to yourself aloud, and hear Sans hum in confirmation.


Sure did, and here ya feel great. Can’t wait to feel you when you’re ready.” Sans presses his face against yours.


“I appreciate that, I’m fine with things like this. Although… I kind of want to do something for you now.” Sans is lit up with magic to the point you can see clearer. There is light emitting from his eyes, mouth, chest, and his pelvis.


Well doll, if you really want to. Then we’ll start slow and work up to the big part.” The glow in his chest is brighter along with the one at his shorts.


Are you sure about this?”

Blind Heart - Ch 11-

Title: Blind Heart

Rating: Explicit

Fandom: Undertale

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Sans

Summary: Sight is something we take for granted. What if all you had was to rely on the sight of others. Will they be helpful or be your downfall?

Disclaimers: I do not own Undertale characters. They belong to Tobyfox. I do own the story however, do not take it, or reupload anywhere without my consent.

Also posted onto and Archieve of our own. If those are your mediums. I’ve updated~ -…

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Favourite cartoon character: Mostly villains, Ulquiorra Cifer, Envy, Ganondorf, ect
Personal Quote: Kiya's Quote: "We all will die someday, just some will die sooner than others. There is no changing that fate, for if we try to change it then we're fools who can't accept the laws of being alive. Even the undead. Even moreso... me."

ulqui icons~

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Click Me!

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