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(Contains: violence/gore)
The next day after that night, two grim reminders were left in front of the women’s keep, drained of their blood and left in ruins of their bodies, Vera and her sister had defeated looks on their faces in their deaths. Another older yet younger in appearance woman takes over Vera’s position and ushers the women along to do their jobs for the day.

Two burly large men appear and collect the corpses and places them into a furnace in the underway. The distinct smell of burning flesh fills the halls for a while as the girls were cremated. Windows were opened upon the Countess’ order to be-rid of that stench.

Kiya worked on the upper levels being taught the other rooms and assigned the west wing to keep watch and entertain guests when they arrived. Her unique beauty pleasing to the noblemen each giving a crude comment. The Countess instantly barks for Kiya to leave at once for the attention was drawn off of her for an instant.

"Yes, My Lady Countess." Kiya says, and leaves the room after leaving the tray for tea and treats behind. She finds herself wandering down the hallways, and seeing other devices that are instruments for torture to death. Her eyes being burned with the memory of Vera’s mangled corpse, and her sister’s punctured body was enough to stave off her hunger for the day itself. She finds herself roaming aimless, and sees why those girls possessed such defeated stares or fear in their tired eyes.

Later that evening Kiya doesn’t say anything as the preparations are made for dinner. The other servants tried hard to reserve some back, but when the countess found out they’re attempt to have a good meal that night, she ordered the rest of the food to be dumped as slop for pigs.

The girls at least half of them went hungry, there were new girls brought in again, and like herself. There was a girl that came from a foreign land, she has sleek black hair and almost black colored eyes, skin darker than she had seen skin be. Kiya makes friends with her, learning her name as Seline.

Seline could not speak but wrote things down, speaking in silence and communicating. For a brief moment the others hold a moment of happiness even if they know potentially short lived. They all went further down into the dungeon area to be able to hold a party of their own while there was the banquet above.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: violence/gore)
Over the few years since Kiya’s arrival, there was a period of peace where the killings ceased for a bit, with the countess leaving for every few other week on collection of girls from other towns in her region. During the absences, the women were happier knowing their lives were prolonged a bit longer. A mild celebration in those that had birthdays as well as collecting the remains and going out into the woods to bury or burn the bodies in reverence.
Long gotten use to walking on eggshells around the Blood countess, and knowing the time is limited, depending on how they treat the Countess herself, by obeying every word.

Kiya and her mother Runa settled into their routines, Kiya becoming more adept in the kitchen and maintaining a certain level of order, while her mother took over the in charge maids in the above keep. The peace was kept, but they were kept tabs on by advisors or people that were close to The Countess, and when word started getting back that the women were “happy” by these tyrant people in the castle. Elizabeth was far from happy about it, and for it, when she returned, she had organized that there be a new banquet and party for celebration of her return.
Kiya and her mother were brought to the surface, and under a disguise of good faith, The Countess had taken Kiya to let her have fun, along with Runa, it was a celebration after all, and through it, the night was peaceful. The other women around were weary of The Countess’ generosity, even at the ushering of the other upper hand keep.

The new women were introduced to the way of life while the celebrations went on. The uneasiness that the older women that were brought in felt soon wore off and were led into that false sense of security. The night itself was almost ebbing off the cruelty that the castle hides in it’s ivory walls.

Kiya and Runa were led down hallways back to the main floor itself by the Countess and fear started to creep into Runa as she see’s the men they’ve come to know as executioners appear. Runa instantly stands in front of her daughter, and starts moving backwards pushing her to a corner where she holds her position to protect her.

The men start taking random young girls that were brought up for the celebration and slaughtered before their eyes creating a blood bath in the middle of a once ivory marble floor.Screams were heard as people realized that this was a death trap, and the people that were brought into that room were all old servants. Kiya and Runa started to move back more and when one of the men tries to separate them, Elizabeth barks an order to leave the younger one, but to grab Runa. Elizabeth giving the men keen glares to not harm Kiya for now.

Realization set in heavily at what those words meant, and Kiya holds onto her mother firm, only to be pulled back and held away. Her arms was held behind her back and her senses were knocked with a shake from the man behind her. Kiya’s eyes widen when she sees Elizabeth in front of Runa and with a sword, she raises the sword and with the blade pointed, The countess runs it through her chest. Runa lets out a scream of pain, and stares in disbelief, but that doesn’t stop there. Elizabeth repeats this, piercing the woman more times than they can be counted.
When Runa falls limp, is when she is dropped like a ragdoll, and when Kiya is let go of. Kiya instantly runs over to her and buries her face into her mother’s chest and fresh sobs could be heard as she cries. There was no comfort for her, and Elizabeth made sure that she wouldn’t find any in her keep. The countess made a point to kick Kiya in her back and barks an order to clean up the blood.

Kiya looks up to see she is the only one left alive in that room, and understands fully that this was to rip apart her being. Regretful she does as she is ordered, starting with her mother and taking care to clean up her blood first above every other person that was dead. The night was long and by the time she returned down to the lower levels a “gift” was left for her on the straw cot, Elizabeth after getting the bodies taken out, ordered Runa’s head to be left for Kiya as a comfort.

Kiya places a cloth over the head, and one of the guards that takes sympathy over what happened, goes out of his way to collect the remains and cremates them with the others.
Days had passed since Kiya's mother's death, and the mourning wasn't easy, she is vigorously taunted by Elizabeth. In the day that followed the death, Kiya was brought up to the banquet room and made to clean it over till it was spotless, and if she did horribly she received beatings for it. Some of the beatings hard enough to break a rib or two, leaving her doubled over in private. The other women faired worse some she never saw again, Seline being one of them, she was used in one of the rituals the woman uses to keep herself rejuvenated and young. The foreign and more intricate they looked, the better.
Kiya bounces back from the inner turmoil, and instead of letting Elizabeth see her defeated, she holds her ground and an untouchable approach, as if she was guarded alone or her will was unbending to The Countess, such a thing left the woman perplexed. Elizabeth loved to see her servants broken and in shattered states of mind, none of them would oppose her, and she loved the look of fear in their eyes as she tore their skin.

Elizabeth had taken the last bit of dignity so far Kiya held, and she wouldn’t subject her to the men of the castle otherwise she was useless to her as a virgin needed. She was waiting for the right time, needing her to “ripen” in age to see if she would provide her with a good youthful look or ugly like the last few young girls were. The ones she had snared when they were young, did not age to her eyes, and were mercilessly executed as a result, and fed to wolves.

It was during the summer peaks in 1609 that Elizabeth starts noticing the odd beauty that comes from the Norwegian blood girl. From sleek dark hair, to a pale complexion due to lack of sunlight, soot that covered her face did not take away from her appearance, but it was those eyes, mesmerizing green and seemed to stare through her soul. Those eyes alone would hold fire as they glared at her, and she knew Kiya was glaring at her ever since Runa’s death, and with her also the cause of her father’s death.

Elizabeth puts Kiya on a specific diet from her last birthdate to sweeten up her blood and make sure she is healthy, Kiya accepts it as a means to eat healthy and instead of being beaten daily she is now placed into the higher chambers like special selected women are before they’re used in rituals. Kiya knows of this, but is not in a position to fight back. At least she doesn’t intend to make it look that way on surface glance.
Confusion had set in, long after her death, she wasn’t in the castle anymore nor did she have the chance to see her mangled corpse being taken down from the chains. What was in front of Kiya, when she regained her sight was a long winding road, and what looked like a city itself. Built with high walls, in gold and ivory. Winged beings fluttered to and from the place and it was when she noticed an old man standing in front of her with a generous smile.

Hesitant to approach people after her death, she starts to walk, she is frozen in place after catching a glimpse of what was her black hair now a pristine white, she jumps as a result and looks up at the man for answers. Words did not find her nor could they, her body wasn’t torn in shreds, but whole.

“I see you’ve noticed, don’t be alarmed. It’s how a lot of young ones look when they first come here.” The man speaks and walks next to her, taking a hand to lead her into the city. “Fate has been cruel to you, and to make up for the ill advised of my earth children. I’ve prepared a special arrangement for you. Like I’ve done for many that Elizabeth has harmed.” Those words were soothing to Kiya. Perhaps she’ll see familiar faces.

Kiya is led into a large palace after walking along the city seeing faces of girls that were killed but their memories wiped clean. Why she retained her memories was a mystery, but soon her questions would be answered. Kiya is led to a group of six winged beings and one of them places a lace in front of her to keep her from following the man any further.

“Azriel, I’ve told you not to do that with every being that comes here.” The old man says quietly, and as soon as he does Azriel retrieves and drops his stance with a more keen glare in his blue eyes. He has an attractive appearance, short spiked blond hair, blue eyes brighter than she has ever seen the color be, tall stature easily six foot in height and loomed over her. Dressed in decorative garb and gold armor, two of the six wings curled in front of him, while the other four were raised up. There was one that stood out as he just has two black wings instead of white, but his appearance was different and more decorated in his garb and wielding a spear like the others.

“You’re wondering why you are here, well this is a utopia, or as those in the living plains call heaven. This place has a name as Caelia. And I am Jenova.” The man keeps explaining things so it is easier, Jenova already knows what her fate in life was having witnessed it unfold like a bad play. Now he wishes to extend healing to her.

“I’ve brought you here especially, because I want you to be happy. Now what you do here, has no repurcusions other than follow your own heart and where it leads you. You can leave any time you wish, but if you accept my offer, it will be different. I want you among my keep as a guard.” Jenova speaks with a reverence, never raising his voice, nor changing his tone. Sounding like an old grandfather with a request to his grand child more than anyone with a high superiority. He has her attention now with the chance to live a different way.

“Will you accept and be among those that protects Caelia from those who wish to cause harm?” There was no hesitance in her words after he had spoke, and before Azriel could interject a counter.

“I do accept.” Tears stream down her eyes, Kiya is happy, and excited that she has this chance. With a snap of fingers, Jenova bestows to her a set of wings, six, and a lance to learn.
“I am glad, tomorrow you shall start learning from Gabriel simple defenses and how to fly.”
Death is a Beginning page 9
Uplifting things for now.
Thanks for those who have been a support in keeping me sane~
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Reader Warning - This installment has excessive violence and gore. I do my part to ensure it is under the mature tags, you to your part to heed the warnings if that isn't your thing then this story isn't for you.


   The following months were tedious, from Kiya assuming this air of unbreaking nerve, down to Bathory trying everything to break her will now. A few accounts, Kiya was nearly hurt to the point she was left to mend broken bones by herself, but nothing prepared her for the impending “nice” Elizabeth brought out. It unnerved her worse than her beatings did, in the following months after the last beating, she was administered medicine, and brought to the higher rooms to stay. Kiya was weary of her kindness as last time she did this, her mother was murdered before her eyes. Now she is being taken cared of, and for a change the other servants were glad to take care of one of their own that would not emit backlash at them.

   Kiya’s form had filled out over time and Elizabeth was mesmerized by the unique beauty Kiya does possess. Jealousy seen well in the Countess’ eyes, but it didn’t stop her from playing with her hair or going over white marbled skin. As if she was admiring a piece of art before her. Despite scars that marred her skin from welts left or wounds that healed recently. It was during these times, that the summer solstice was approaching, and that meant celebrations to come. Things Kiya wasn’t allowed to participate before in, and it further left her suspicious of the sudden generosity.

   Kiya was left in the high west wing itself, and her prison was set up to where the doors locked from the outside, and only other servants were allowed to enter, or the countess herself.  Kiya went from a servant to a doll in the keep, and it was maddening for her. On the eve of one of these parties, she planned one escape, after catching word her death was going to be used to mark the end of summer and transition to fall. Pacing her room, Kiya is waiting on her time to leave, and when she hears the banquet in full swing, is when she starts tying things together to make a makeshift rope to leave. From dresses torn and wound together tight to not break, using years of knowledge now to make this without falling to risk breaking anything on her.

   Kiya fastens the cloth rope around the bed legs, and seeing her rope make it to the ground she descends down it not worried now since it would warrant her death either way. Taking her chance to run, was now, and once she makes a less graceful fall to the ground, she gathers herself and starts to run, she managed to be on the outside of the gates and it made her happy and would provide a head start run. Tearing the front half of the dress enough for her legs to be freed up she ignores the chance of alerting others, in which she does with the guards on the wall run back to alert the countess of the escapist.

   Furious knows nothing of the Countess’ temper for learning that her preperations were nearly going to waste with the girl running away. The night was in full swing, and she couldn’t leave, so quickly she barks an order for her guards to bring her back unharmed as necessary reminding them their heads will roll if they harm or marr her skin at all. She returns to entertaining the guests of high aristocrats, while the guards scramble about to carry out their orders.

   Kiya holds knowledge of wilderness for it was what she knew before she was taken into the castle, and she does not light a fire, it isn’t needed and would draw attention to her location, she walks in a river so the dogs do not track her scent, by now she has cast off the clothing on the banks and scrubbed her own skin with dirt and mud to mask herself from the chance of being found so soon and dragged back.

   If she could make it into the town, would she see solace among people who will shield her, or those who will hand her over easily at fear. She has heard stories of the townfolk being threatened to give up their daughters and seen them true with the girls brought in as soon as they were old enough and only the more beautiful of the girls.

   At the point of exhaustion, Kiya finds her way on the banks of the river closest to the town, she is in the open and it scares her due to she knows the guards are headed for the town to look for her, she still possesses fire in her eyes and it keeps her moving. She stops just inside of a dock house, enough for her to catch her breath, but it worries her taking any breaks, her feet scuffed and swollen from running barefoot and covered in dirt much like her body.

   Kiya’s break was short lived and after snagging clothes off of a line, she hides her hair underneath and stuffs her own clothing to make her look fuller than her thin form, harder to distinguish from ordinary people, the guards had settled in and calls for the village itself to show themselves, to be given an inspection of houses. Kiya freezes as she hears the order and is seen by other towns people, she follows the women to be lined up and looked over.

   Her heart pounding immensely, Kiya is frozen stiff with the fear of being caught now after making it a far length away from Elizabeth and her impending death. When she feels a hand on her shoulder weighted with armor, she hesitates to look up, and is commanded to, her head pulled up now to meet the dead stare of the guard that finds her. As if she were staring at the man who sentenced her death, without a second thought he picks her up and carries her off. Screams and shouts coming from Kiya to let her go, such cries on deaf ears, she has rope tied on her hands and feet to prevent her from escaping now. As they’re going back to the castle of nightmares.

Furious holds no words to Elizabeth, she is hysterical by the time Kiya is brought into the castle, covered in mud and dirt. The Countess had broken her fan the moment she saw the girl, on her by hitting her hard on her shoulder. She still did not break that angry stare Kiya possesses, if anything there was a smirk the girl had from being hit. Never has Elizabeth been so angry, that she doesn’t know what to do with her first. Kiya was held by two guards with her arms apart, and stripped down in the Countess’ fury, the villager’s smock ripped to shreds and lay in tatters on the ground, leaving the girl nothing to cover herself.

The anger filled eyes soon took up a simple strap of leather and begins beating Kiya with it. There was only two surprised yelps from the girl the rest were either stifled cries from her biting her own cheek, to keep from giving the satisfaction of her screaming out. A basin of scalding hot water was brought in, and kicking a few times at the guards she was set in the water made to stand in it as two servant girls cleaned off the skin being made to be swift, and used scouring pads instead of soft brushes, a request by Elizabeth. The furious look the woman had was met with fire in green eyes, one that did not look like it would fade out. Not even after being presented with her dead friends, freshly slaughtered in Elizabeth’s rage.

Taking up a curved dagger, Elizabeth soon approaches Kiya with every intent to hurt her now. Pressing the blade to the girl’s shoulder she lifts her head with the edge of the blade. Malice in the Countess’ brown eyes, and murderous intent behind them at the bound girl. “Just what do you have to say for yourself? Or what were you trying to prove?” Elizabeth asks her as she presses the sharp end of the dagger on the fine lines of Kiya’s shoulder scraping the skin to draw a thin line of blood.

A click of Kiya’s tongue as she mulls over the thoughts in her head, she knows at this point her fate is sealed. So instead of begging for mercy, she welcomes the impending death head on. With such a hateful glare in Kiya’s eyes, she uses the only weapon available after losing feeling in her feet. She spits in Elizabeth’s face, and narrows her eyes.

“I was thinking I couldn’t wait to get away from your ugly presence. No matter how much you try to mask your stench with bathing in the girls blood, it will never hide how ugly and hideous you are. Old ugly whore!” As soon as Kiya finished her words she was met with a hard slap, ignoring the sting in her cheek. She then feels the tearing sensation of the dagger plunged into her left shoulder. A managed scream comes from Kiya out of instinct of anyone being stabbed, the pristine floor beneath starts trickling with blood and the basin of water sees scarce droplets. The white skin starts seeing streams from the stab wound on her shoulder, but it doesn’t stop there.

Elizabeth, driven into a full fury pulls the knife back and plunges it into Kiya’s chest, just missing her heart, no the woman doesn’t want to kill her just yet, but make her suffer before she dies, the punctured lung makes it hard for Kiya to breathe, and before she knew what was happening now, The Countess stabs her again but pulls down with the blade across her chest down and starts peeling off her skin. She is being called filth names left and right, but even in cries and sobs, Kiya holds a defiant grin in her pain. Ignoring the plunge of a blade into her right eye, she is hurting and with the loss of vision in the eye she lets more insults come back at the countess marking her as the most hideous being to grace her eyes and glad she doesn’t have to look at her. Her tongue was cut out next, and the remaining eye was pulled out. The sensation of being lifted up was dull to her, but now she was being lifted by a chain and hung over the basin below her from what she guessed was upside down with how freely blood was falling like hot streams away from her.

All Kiya could see was black, and the tearing sensation was back again, this time at her neck, cutting open her neck itself and being sure to sever those veins that hold back the last strings of her life. Kiya loses the ability to breathe and gags on her own blood as it fills her mouth and blocks her ability to breathe. There was a last sensation given to her as boiling water was poured overhead onto what remained of the mangled body enough to draw out a strangled scream, her body gives out and succumbs to death while her spirit is torn from the chains.
The Death Is a Beginning pages 7 - 8.
It seems short to be introducing a death early on for the main protag but that is the whole point of this, is that the death is a beginning sequence. The events afterwards are what her life is now.
So haven't updated in forever. Thank you to all of those that have liked, faved, and enjoyed the art I've brought over the last few years. Really I appreciate that you like what I've done or that I do.

My real passion lays in writing still, which brings me to what this journal is about. I've put into motion, my story I've had simmering in my brain for roughly 14+ years. Lots of studying had to be done so I can make this work, research or metaphysicals down to mythology to make certain things work. I am going to try and keep up with my blog on tumblr here where I'm posting a page a day. So if I don't always upload onto DA, make sure you have a tumblr and are following me there for updates. I feel good about this and I'm going to be working hard to well hopefully bring a successful story about.
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